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About Michael's Dis 'N Dat™ Seasoning

Our lined cardboard shakers with plastic tops and crimped metal bottoms retain ingredient freshness for up to 1 year after opening and over 2 years if not yet opened. Our jugs are gasketed and banded, and our refill bags are heat sealed.  More and more air introduced into the container, as the contents are used up, is what compromises freshness of the ingredients over time.

Seasoning mixes won't "spoil," but may lose flavor if not stored away from moisture, heat, and direct light or if dispensed improperly. Do not sprinkle anyone's seasoning directly over a simmering pot as this may cause condensation that deteriorates the flavor and causes the mix to cake. Either sprinkle into your hand or use a measuring spoon to add seasoning to simmering food. Always use clean, dry measuring spoons in your seasoning containers. Don't refrigerate seasoning containers, since moisture intrudes that way as well.

We recommend our seasoning mixes for reduced sodium diets. Most people consume 50% (or more) sodium than needed, and medical studies indicate that sodium reduction helps to reduce fluid retention and high blood pressure. Both of my parents struggled with cardiovascular problems, but liked salt, which inspired me to develop low sodium seasonings. We don't offer "no-sodium" or "salt-alternative" mixes substituting potassium chloride for salt, nor will we even ‘cut’ the salt with it, due to research regarding treatment of heart or kidney conditions. If you have sodium or potassium issues, we urge you to read the nutritional data on the containers of others and compare. We address sodium issues in a natural way, simply reducing salt volume by using richer tasting premium sea salt.  We also don't include sugar as some do. We include sweet basil and/or paprika where a delicate sweetness is desired.

Utilizing the nutritional data and overall net weight on most other seasoning containers, we calculate that most competitors include 1/2 to 3/4 salt. They also use low cost common mined salt. Our mixes are endorsed by physicians and found in health food stores because our products are only 1/3 salt by volume and we use only premium sea salt (‘solar’ salt from evaporating sea water). The salt crystals are finer, closer to a powder, dissolving faster on the tongue to create a rich salt taste with much less salt.  Use of our seasonings leads to at least 16 percent less sodium intake as opposed to others with common mined salt.  At the same time, less salt allows more of the other ingredient flavors to come forward, and one will not "over salt" as can happen with other brands.  Our higher quality taste satisfies even the salt lovers but, even if additional salt is desired despite health issues, one can add more salt on their food at far less cost than buying a competitor’s mix with 1/2 to 3/4 of that low cost ingredient.

Our blending of several high quality spices and the use of premium quality sea salt makes the taste of our products what it is. We trust they should make a big difference in your favorite recipes, and you'll come back for more. Bon Appetit !

Michael's Dis 'N Dat Seasoning Mixes,
“Certified Cajun” products of Louisiana
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