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for assistance in calculating Shipping Costs

After choosing your items and their weights, found on our Products page, please contact us and we'll assist you in determining the best carrier and value, whether USPS or UPS.  We ship from zip code 70562.  We don't mark up shipping, nor do we have any 'packaging & handling fee'.

Please note that a case of 12 shaker cans -or-THREE 3-lb refill bags -or- SIX 1.5-lb refill bags ships nicely in a USPS Flat Rate Priority Medium box (best shipping deal and includes insurance!).  If purchasing an assortment, we'll help determine what insured shipping method results in the lowest cost.

FOUR 3-lb jugs
fit well in our 10"x10"x10" box furnished with your purchase of ANY four blends in jugs, but regular USPS First Class or UPS rates shall apply.

Preferred Payment Method for Custom & Other Special Orders is PayPal

Public Acclaim

Acclaim From Folks Like You ... Please Write To Us !

Michael, I'm the Program Director for a medically supervised weight loss program at the Digestive Health Center of Louisiana, in Baton Rouge. My dieticians and I recommend your products to our clients as a way to reduce sodium in their daily lives without sacrificing flavor. Your product does a great job of promoting both!

J. Christopher Caire
O.N.E. Weigh System Director
Digestive Health Center of Louisiana
My name is Amy Bayliss and I'm a mom blogger whose niche is in southern charm and good ol' Cajun cooking. In fact, in just four short weeks I will debut an online cooking show called Today's Cajun Kitchen. I found your product at our local Albertson's in Prairieville and almost screamed in the aisle. I had been hoping for a healthier alternative in pre-packaged Cajun seasoning. Needless to say I'm ecstatic to have found Michael's Dis 'N Dat.

Amy Bayliss
Today's Cajun Kitchen

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